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Redline Raceway

The one & only Mount, for non stop action & pace.
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*Track News & Updates*


Home of the 2016

Australian STREET


Belmont Speedway Drivers Club 


28th November 2015


IPTA Fibreglass


King of the Mount​


Racing starts @ 4pm sharp

56 Street Stocks

Entries from WA, SA, ACT and of course some of Victoria's Best

Support Classes include

Open Sedans

Marsh Mods.

Mick Dann RDL0
Anthony Beare A1
Brad McClure Vic1
Colin Peadon ACT3
Morris Ahearn AX4
Steven Watts W5
Des Birkin RDL5
Jack Bishop RDL6
Emma Bansemer HO7
Jake Vuillerman RD7
Phil Pottage AX8
Peter Bryant  AV8
Cameron Pearson AX10
Dave Missen B11
Darren Giacometti RDL12
Andrew Burgoyne RDL13
Jaidyn Dredge BGO13
Megan Forrest AX14
Robert Smith  B14
Graham Miller RDL16
Robert Tinworth RDL17
Scott Secombe RDL18
Lee Harrison RDL22
Bradley Trainor B22
Shaun Henry B23
Mark Gartner SA25
Jamie Crutchley RDL25
Darren Laurie RDL26
Cade Cox SA27
Jason Degoldi RDL27
Ashley Fox RDL29
Bhoe Patterson B31
Steve Gartner SA32
Debbie Jones AX36
Darryl Atkinson 37
Corey Sandow SA39
Scott Merrett SA41
Darren Forrest AX41
Chris Whatmore RDL42
Rob Lock BGO42
Nathan Dunn RDL43
Jeff Oldfield RDL45
Kevin Apps SH46
Jacky Ellingham RDL52
Matthew Maynard SA55
Troy Hose M57
Colin Ward B59
Chris Suiter AV59
Matt Nelson AX61
Dale Blomeley B61
Darren Ward B69
Lenny Bates AX74
Peter Crutchley RDL77
Dylan Campton AX81
Daniel Ameduri WA83


See you Trackside.



President     Mick Purdie

Vice President      Greg Raggatt

Secretary      Joyce Purdie

Treasurer      Lyn Cockerill

License Secretary     Clinton Purdie

Track Secretary   Leanne Burgoyne

Committee Members

Steve Forte

Andrew Burgoyne

Ruth Pearson

Peter Walters



See you Trackside.



Mick Purdie - President 0418399917
Clinton Purdie - Licence Secretary 0428 195653
Leanne Burgoyne - Track Secretary  0408 071 493

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We are seeking volunteers to help out on race days.  We need infield volunteers aswell as general arround the track rolls.  You will be required for the season for more information please email you questions and interest via the contact us tab at the top of the page.

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